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Elementary Mathematics

CISD Solves Math Structure



  • Deliberate design of mathematics instruction/assessment
  • Variety of assessment formats
  • Builds number sense and computational skills
  • Mathematical reasoning and problem-solving abilities
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Common language across grade levels
  • Consistency throughout the district
  • Differentiated Instruction in all components


  • Math Review/Mental Math
  • Math Fluency
  • Problem Solving
  • Direct Instruction for Conceptual Understanding

Foundational Pieces

  • Scope and Sequences
  • Assessment
  • Differentiated Instruction

“Developing a balanced math program is the answer for teachers who want to ensure that their students are receiving the full range of mathematical understanding and skills.”
-Larry Ainsworth and Jan Christinson

Mathematical Process Standards

The Mathematical Process Standards describe ways in which students are expected to engage in the content and weave the other knowledge and skills together.  This allows students to become successful problem solvers, critical thinkers, and use mathematics efficiently and effectively in daily life.
The mathematical process standards are based on the following four big ideas:

  • Communication
  • Reasoning, generalizing, and problem solving
  • Analysis
  • Modeling using tools and connecting to representations

View the Process Standards here

Professional Learning Development

Mathematics Administrative Staff

District Mathematics Instructional Coaches