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Teacher Incentive Allotment

Conroe ISD

Teacher Incentive Allotment Update: System Approval 2024

Conroe ISD is delighted to announce that the Conroe ISD Teacher Incentive Allotment local designation system has received full system approval for the 2023-2024 school year! This achievement is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our entire community in supporting our teachers and students.

For those of you who received your designation last year, I know you are excited about the continued success of this program. For those of you waiting to hear about your designation status, we look forward to releasing those details this spring once TEA finalizes the designations and allotments. For our newest campuses and teachers participating in their first TIA data capture year, we know this only adds to your excitement to join this incentive program.

Congratulations once again to Conroe ISD for the successful approval of the District’s TIA local designation system approval! This accomplishment highlights our ongoing efforts to recognize and support our educators as they strive for excellence in teaching.

Designations are distinctions awarded to highly effective teachers. TIA established three levels of designation: Recognized, Exemplary, and Master. Designations are awarded to teachers either through their district’s local designation system or by achieving National Board Certification. Teachers with an active National Board certification may be designated as Recognized be the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Once a teacher is designated, they may generate an annual allotment for their employing school district based on their campus of employment for five continuous years.

The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) was created by the Texas Legislature as part of House Bill 3 to help recruit, retain, and reward effective educators in the classroom at high needs campuses. The TIA would provide additional funding to eligible teachers who earn local designations through this allotment system. Conroe ISD has submitted an application to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to participate in this process.

Teacher Incentive Allotment: An Overview

Teacher Incentive Allotment Handbook

Teacher Incentive Allotment: Designation Cycle Overview

How TIA Works

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    3 LEVELS OF DESIGNATION (Master, Exemplary, Recognized) Designation levels are based upon teacher effectiveness and are added to the teacher’s SBEC certificate.

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    School districts will receive $3,000 to $32,000 annually in additional funding for each designated teacher.

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    PRIORITIZES HARD-TO STAFF POSITIONS with greater funding for high-needs and rural campuses.

    Eligible TIA Campus List

    Eligible TIA Course List

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    TEACHER FOCUSED FUNDING – 90% of funding must be spent on teacher compensation on the campus where the designated teacher works.

    TIA Spending Plan

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    5 – YEAR VALIDITY – The designation will remain on the teacher’s certification for five continuous years regardless of the teacher’s placement, subject, or school.

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