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Advanced Placement

Conroe ISD

2023 AP Prep Conference

2023 AP Exam Prep Conference Flyer

CISD Advanced Academics Vision and Beliefs

Conroe ISD strongly believes that all willing and academically prepared students can graduate from high school having successfully completed one or more advanced academic courses.

Core Beliefs:
• Advanced academics provide students with necessary skills and strong work habits for the various post-secondary options available to them.
• Advanced academic classes reflect the diversity of the campus student population.
• All students have access to “academically challenging course work” in the years prior to enrolling in an advanced academic class.
• Teacher attitudes and expectations maximize potential for student success in advanced academic courses.

CISD Advance Academics Expectations

Get more.  With AP, you get to dig deeper into subjects you love. Your school can choose from more than 30 AP courses in subjects that directly reflect your interests.

Get hands-on.  In AP’s immersive courses, you get to learn how things really work. Tackle concepts that will stick with you long after the class is through.

Get involved.  In AP classes, learning means sharing your ideas and expressing yourself. Add your unique perspective—the dialog and debate contributes to the knowledge that everyone shares.

Get support.  With AP, you get to explore new ideas with your classmates and AP teachers. See and feel what college work is actually like, while receiving the support to help you get there.

Get to know yourself.  In AP classes, you can set bigger goals for yourself and do things you never thought possible. AP students can really test and push themselves in a familiar setting while gaining confidence, developing good study habits, and enjoying a great learning experience.