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Oak Ridge HS Looks to Break Record for World’s Largest Homecoming Mum

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By Abbey Mason & Avery Burke, Juniors at Oak Ridge High School

CONROE, TEXAS (November 6, 2023) – Homecoming mums, a favorite Texas high school tradition, are back and bigger and better than ever. This year, Oak Ridge High School is going for a Guinness Book World Record with an approximately 125-foot tall homecoming mum.

“Floral teachers all over the state of Texas are making paper ones of their school colors, and I thought it was cool, so I told Mrs. (Theresa) Neman about it, and she said let’s go big or go home, so now we are constructing the World Record Homecoming Mum,” Oak Ridge floral teacher Ashley Wilson said.

The application was submitted earlier this fall and the official measurement and documentation for the Guinness Book of World Records took place at Woodforest Bank Stadium on October 27. The process can take up to 12 weeks for Guinness to review documentation and verify the record.

The mum was displayed before and during the Homecoming game.

Many workdays have been planned for this project, and many hours have been sacrificed by students and staff of Oak Ridge.

“I want the students to realize that when we all come together, we are capable of getting something big and massive done, it just takes time and dedication, along with effort,” Wilson said.

Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Neman have been working together with their students to make this year-long plan become a reality.

“Now we have to start putting all the details into the mum along with everything on the mum to complete the mum. Welding class and Floral classes have done a phenomenal job now we have just to put it all together.” Mrs.Neman said.

Local crane company, Gabby’s Cranes & Rigging, helped Oak Ridge for the big reveal.

“Finding a crane and getting donations was a challenge that we weren’t expecting,” Neman said.

NHS spent $1500 on the mum supplies, but they hadn’t received that amount in donations to cover the purchase. There was still work to be done to complete the project.

“There were over 3,000 homecoming mum flowers that needed to be zip-tied to the head of the homecoming mum, on our workdays there was something for everyone, from hot gluing to rolling up ribbon,” Neman said.

Ribbon donations were still needed from clubs and organizations as they tried to finish the mammoth mum in time for Homecoming. Everything came together and the mum was hoisted by crane as planned. Please see the photo gallery of the mum below.

“I want students to take away that we can set really big goals and goals that people think we can’t accomplish, that when we work together and ask for help, we can accomplish it. I hope the mum is inspirational,” Neman said.