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Hitting the High Notes

Conroe ISD proudly introduces its High School Journalism Network, which includes a roundup of the top features written by students from around the District this semester.

By Kaylee Turner, Grand Oaks High SchoolGrand Oaks High School senior choir soprano Hallee Payne.

Hallee Payne shines as a star student in the Grand Oaks fine arts programs. As a soprano in
the Varsity Girls choir, her impressive high notes make her an integral part of the choir,
contributing greatly to its phenomenal sound.

Singing has always been Hallee’s passion, nourished by the nightly singing contests in her
household. It felt like the perfect fit for her when she had to choose a fine art in 5th grade at Tom
Cox Intermediate School. Joining the choir was a natural choice for Hallee, and she hasn’t
looked back since.

Payne expressed her love for singing stating that it sprouted at a younger age: “I always loved
singing,” she said. With the extensive talent the Tom Cox choir had prior to her attendance, she
knew the directors would aid her in her goal of “furthering my vocal development.”

Hallee’s pre-high school growth in choir between her days at Tom Cox and York Junior High
school kept her passionate and singing through high school, where she met the directors who
taught her so much and students who she’s grown close with and consider family. One of
Hallee’s most memorable experiences was the Spring 2023 Pop show.

At this pop show the singers sang “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton. “The song choice was amazing but the
choreography was what made the show memorable and just an overall great experience,”
Hallee said.

Choir isn’t as simple though as it may seem on the outside. It involves a lot of work and
determination as well as a set of different skills to learn and excel at songs in a short amount of
time. Hallee has had her fair share of struggles in the realm of memorizing and organizing her
time around her multiple AP classes and extensive notes in her choir work.

Hallee doesn’t let her struggles stop or define her growth in the program. Instead she says she
“puts in a lot of extra work and extra practice,” while still juggling her school work. Hallee says
she finds it important to “organize my obligations making sure I have room in my schedule to do
everything that is needed.”

The most significant thing Hallee has gained from her three years in the Grand Oaks choir is
personal growth. She has truly grown as an individual through this experience.
The most important thing for someone in highschool to have is confidence and choir has given
Hallee just that. “Being in choir,” she said, “helped me be able to be confident in myself.”