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Conroe ISD Congratulates High School SCI://TECH Winners

Senior high science fair winners posing with their medals.Ninth grade science fair winners posing with their medals.

CONROE, TEXAS (February 14, 2024) – Conroe ISD is proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of its students at the Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. Senior High Science Fair as part of the Education for Tomorrow Alliance SCI://TECH Exposition.

The Grand Winners are listed with the topic of their presentation, followed by the category winners for both ninth grade and senior high divisions. AST is the Academy of Science and Technology at College Park High School, while ASHP is the Academy for Science and Health Professions at Conroe High School.

Winners will advance to the Science & Engineering Fair of Houston Saturday, February 17 at the Fort Bend Epicenter.

Grand Winners
9th Grade Life
Joshua Staub & Shriya Venkat (AST) – Testing a Possible Alternative to Antibiotics Against Escherichia Coli
9th Grade Physical
Maaz Kattangere (AST) – Mitigating the Risk of Large Language Model Hallucinations Through Transformer-Based Embeddings and a Sentence Similarity Model
9th Grade Engineering
Aniket Chakraborty (AST) – BlindSight: Applying Deep Learning Using Optical Character Recognition and Classification to Design a Vision System to Aid Visually Impaired Patients
Senior High Life
Sai Balaji (AST) – Pioneering Predictions: A Novel AI Approach Using Heart Rate Variability for Sepsis and SIRS Detection
Senior High Physical
Shivani Mundra & Madelyn Puza (AST) – Engineering an Inexpensive and Sustainable Cellulosic Battery Composition
Senior High Engineering
Henry Aceves & Donovan Burke (AST) – ArmAssist: A Lighweight, Concealable Active Arm Support that Empowers Individuals Suffering from Muscle Atrophy

Ninth Grade Category Winners
Phoenix Walkup – Animal Science – ASHP
Sarah Miertschin – Behavioral/Social Science – AST
Joshua Staub & Shriya Venkat – Biochemistry/Microbiology – AST
Matthew Cusano – Chemistry – AST
Ava Jackson – Earth & Environmental – ASHP
Adil Mansury, Vidipsai Pitta & Umran Zaidi – Energy & Transportation – AST
Gregorio Souza Gomes – Engineering: Aerospace – AST
Cayson Wang – Engineering: Biomedical – AST
William Li & Krushal Panda – Engineering: Chemical & Material Science – AST
Jose Barrios – Engineering: Embedded Systems – AST
Spencer Howell & Ian Jeong – Engineering: Environmental – AST
Krishna Somasundaram – Engineering: Mechanical – AST
Aniket Chakraborty – Engineering: Robotics & Intelligent Machines – AST
Yilin Guo – Mathematics – The Woodlands HS
William Quarles – Medicine & Health – ASHP
Japesh Banker & Aarav Nargund – Physics & Astronomy – AST
Adelynn Purcell – Plant Science – ASHP
Maaz Kattangere – Systems Software – AST

Senior High Category Winners
Iris Shen – Animal Science – AST
Mia Wang – Behavioral/Social Science – AST
Patrick McKenna – Biochemistry/Microbiology – AST
Shivani Mundra & Madelyn Puza – Chemistry – AST
Justin Huang & Victoria Ou – Earth & Environmental – AST
Inu Baek – Energy & Transportation – AST
Kaitlyn Bird – Engineering: Aerospace – AST
Rohan Mehta & Roshan Mehta – Engineering: Biomedical – AST
Raj Mhetar – Engineering: Chemical & Material Science – AST
Siddharth Jain – Engineering: Embedded Systems – AST
Chase Gomez & Srinayan Kumbham – Engineering: Environmental – AST
Henry Aceves & Donovan Burke – Engineering: Mechanical – AST
Asong Suh – Engineering: Robotics & Intelligent Machines – AST
Rohit Pillutla – Mathematics – AST
Sai Balaji – Medicine & Health – AST
Jesse Miller – Physics & Astronomy – AST
Anshul Desai & Felix Li – Plant Science – AST
Rayhan Papar – Systems Software – AST