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Caney Creek Senior Becomes Leader Through NJROTC

The following article is written by a student as part of the Conroe ISD Student Journalism Network.

By Natalia Molina, Senior at Caney Creek High School
Executive Editor of The Creek Compass

CONROE, TEXAS (February 7, 2024) — Sitting at his desk in Stephen Murphy’s U.S. history class, junior Cristian Mazariegos was surrounded by the silence filling the room. While everyone else worked, he sneakily pulled out his phone to check an email. His finger hovered over the screen that read “From: United States Naval Academy admissions.”

This was it. He clicked and scrolled.

“Congratulations” jumped at him. Feeling on top of the world, Cristian had just been accepted into the Naval Academy’s Summer Seminar.

In June, the now-senior Mazariegos traveled to Maryland for the Naval Academy’s six-day summer seminar.

“I thought to myself, ‘I’m just a kid from the middle of nowhere in Texas,’” he said. “You don’t see that type of opportunity, so I was very glad to be the first of many. I felt accomplished when I made it because if I managed to achieve this, imagine how many other people can, too.”

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