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Field Trips

Conroe ISD

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This procedure is for all types of school bus field trips (Coach driven, Regular Ed and Special Needs)

The authorized representative must approve all field trip requisitions.
Bus routes are our first priority and field trips second. Trips need to be scheduled Monday thru Friday departing your campus at or after 9:00 a.m. and must return to your campus by 1:30 p.m. (or wait until after 5:30 p.m. for pickup and return to campus). Non-UIL trips which do not fall within this time period will not be approved due to limited resources.
Shuttle trips must be explained in detail on your request.
If a car seat or a bus with seat belts is needed, you must specify this on the form.

72 Passenger Seating Chart – Blank Seating Chartpdf


Field Trip Do's and Don'ts:


Observe all the bus safety rules
Complete a seating chart for all trips
Review Emergency Evacuation with students prior to departure from campus
See Evacuation Script below
Understand that the driver is responsible for safety on board the school bus
Treat the driver with respect
Have the bus back on time
Report driver misconduct
Field Trip Bus Evacuation Script
Field Trip Bus Evacuation Script


Allow standing on the bus while in motion
This includes all personnel on buses, i.e. students, teachers, sponsors, coaches, band directors, etc.
Allow students to be transported while out of control
Allow throwing of anything while being transported
Store articles in the aisles
Allow excessive noise
Allow eating or drinking on the bus
If eating or drinking is allowed, the sponsor will make arrangements for bus clean up
Keep a bus past its allotted and approved times.
Drivers must return to campus in time to safely and efficiently transport students home from school in the afternoons

Field Trip Questions or Concerns

Dymond Ducre
Field Trip Specialist
936-709-5978 Work
Services Campuses A-K

Veronica Acosta
Field Trip Specialist
936-709-5989 Work
Services Campuses L-Z

Conroe/East County Centers

Greta Graumann
Operations Supervisor
936-709-7917 Work
936-709-9917 Fax

Tijuana Nolen
Operations Supervisor
936-709-5973 Work
936-709-9917 Fax

Tawana Salinas
Operations Manager
936-709-7916 Work
936-709-9917 Fax

Maria Gomez-Johnson
Operations Supervisor
936-709-8044 Work
936-709-9917 Fax

Nora Cepeda
Operations Supervisor
936-709-7918 Work
936-709-9917 Fax

Dena Weaver
Operations Manager
936-709-5976 Work
936-709-9917 Fax

Woodlands/Oak Ridge Centers

Kenneth Barnes
Operations Supervisor
832-592-8816 Work
936-709-8809 Fax

Jacqueline Money
Operations Supervisor
832-592-8801 Work
936-709-8809 Fax

Shawn Marshall
Operations Supervisor
832-592-8857 Work
936-709-9850 Fax

Veronica Rhodes
Operations Supervisor
832-592-8878 Work
936-709-9804 Fax

Kevin Gaskill
Operations Manager
832-592-8826 Work
936-709-9804 Fax