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Mitchell Intermediate Students Earn Statewide Charitable Giving Award

Mitchell Intermediate students were named the 2023 Lonestar Match Cup Gurus of Giving School winners.CONROE, TEXAS (May 11, 2023) – Students at Mitchell Intermediate raised $5,000 for Feeding Texas and were named the 2023 Lonestar Match Cup Gurus of Giving School winner by Imagine Learning, the largest provider of digital curriculum in the U.S.

Students who use Imagine Math 3+ can earn THINK points by completing digital math lessons, then choose to donate earned THINK points as actual dollars toward charitable organizations. Mitchell students donated 950,000 Imagine Math THINK points to the Feeding Texas charity, more than any other school in the state.

“I am truly inspired by the generosity of the students who participated in the Texas Lonestar Math Cup contest,” said Celia Cole, CEO of Feeding Texas. “Their giving will make a significant impact in the fight against hunger, while serving as a shining example of how young people can make a positive difference in their communities. We are incredibly grateful for their support and dedication to Feeding Texas’ mission of ending hunger in Texas.”

“I am so proud of our Mitchell Mustangs who made the choice to donate their points to charity in lieu of other options,” shared Paula Klapesky, Mitchell Principal. “Our students understand there is something bigger than the world they live in and made a conscious decision to help others. Many children this age have difficulty empathizing with others. My hope is our students always reflect on the impact their small acts of kindness can make as a legacy they learned at Mitchell Intermediate.”

“The reason I chose to donate was simple,” shared Luca P, one of the Mitchell Intermediate School students who donated Imagine Math THINK points to Feeding Texas. “It helps people. Giving to charity is important because people need a good place to live and they need to be healthy so they can have a good life.”

The donation is a part of Imagine Learning’s charitable giving program. Since the incentive program’s inception in 2008, students who have used Imagine Math 3+ have donated 1.7 trillion THINK points, completed more than 2.7 million math lessons, and worked through more than 82 million math problems for a total giving of $177,173 to the American Red Cross. Over the years, students have converted their THINK point donations to a variety of charitable organizations across the country.

About Imagine Learning:

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