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Journey to the First Day: Online Curriculum Access & More

Journey to the First Day of School

Online Curriculum Access Videos

Beginning on Wednesday, August 12, all students enrolled in Conroe ISD will start the school year in Remote/Online Instruction. Students in grades PreK-2 will use Seesaw for courses and assignments, and students in grades 3-12 will use Canvas. Please see the videos below to learn about accessing these systems.

On the first day of school, students must log in and complete/engage in an activity through their learning management system (LMS) to be counted as present. Students/parents may also make contact or engage on the first day of school by emailing or speaking with their child’s teacher/campus.

Technology Help Desk

Conroe ISD will have a Technology Help Desk to assist teachers, students, parents, and guardians with Canvas, Seesaw, Parent Access, or Student Access. The Help Desk is available weekdays beginning Monday, August 10, from 7:30 AM until 9:00 PM. You may reach the Help Desk by emailing or calling 936-709-7658. Canvas users can also click the ‘Help’ button prior to logging in for assistance.

YouTube Live Update

Last night, Dr. Null gave a live update on YouTube. Anyone who missed the update can view it on the Conroe ISD YouTube Channel. For information related to a specific topic, please see the times below. A Spanish version of this video will be posted next week.

  • 0:09:40 – What happened at the Budget Hearing on Tuesday night? Will my tax rate decrease?
  • 0:18:50 – What impact do the COVID-19 cases in Montgomery County have on our schools?
  • 0:21:48 – What would keep us from being in schools?
  • 0:25:48 – Will I be notified if there is a positive case at my child’s campus?
  • 0:28:08 – Will students and teachers be required to wear masks?
  • 0:30:30 – What do students need to do to “report” to school on August 12th?
  • 0:50:55 – How will Conroe ISD ensure academic honesty especially in our high schools where GPA is so important?
  • 0:55:38 – What will happen with extracurricular activities this year? What about football season?
  • 1:03:00 – Is there an advantage in participating in Remote/Online Instruction versus Traditional In-Person Instruction?