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Internal Audit

Mission Statement

Internal auditing is dedicated to assisting district management in the effective discharge of their responsibilities. To this end, it furnishes them with analyses, appraisals, recommendations, counsel and information concerning the activities reviewed.  The audit objective includes promoting effective control at a reasonable cost.

Internal Audit Directory

About Internal Audit

Internal Audit performs an annual risk assessment of the district, and based on the results prepares a schedule of audits we present for approval to the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees.  In addition to these audits, Internal Audit conducts investigations of possible fraud and misuse of district property or personnel as they arise.  We conduct regular audits of school activity funds and  review the work of new activity funds secretaries to ensure they get off to a good start.

Internal Audit is the administrator for the CISD Educational Support Groups, Inc., the district’s group exemption for parent organizations, and works with these groups to provide training and ensure timely reporting to federal and state agencies.  We also administer the district’s Fraud and Ethics hot line and may investigate reported issues.