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Please view the information and resources we have available to assist you with the Purchasing process. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. We are here to help.

Requisition Entry

To purchase using budget funds a purchase requisition must be entered. Find appropriate vendors and instructions for purchasing from those vendors by using the Shopping A-Z category list. Vendors awarded on a CISD bid or quote take precedence over other awarded sources (cooperatives). If a product is not on a CISD bid or quote, purchasing cooperative vendors and state contracts can be used.

Refer to the CISD Awarded Vendor List for a list of awarded vendors. Additional vendors may be found on cooperatives for which CISD is a member.

Most purchases require a vendor quote be attached to the requisition. Some purchases require at least 3 quotes. Refer to the Do I Need a Quote chart. An interactive Quote Form is also available under Forms.

See HOW TO ENTER A REQUISITIONpdf. Additional How to instructions are listed below.

Travel Reqests & Travel Forms

CISD Travel Requests and approvals are done through the eFinance system using a requisition. Follow the instructions on the right to enter a travel approval requisition. Review the Student Travel – Finance Manual and Employee Travel-Finance Manual on the right for the CISD Travel rules and per diems.

Attach the following to the Travel Request requisition:

  1. Employee or Student/ Field Trip Travel Request Form
  2. One page document (description of event). *If using Tour Operator add contract & itinerary.
  3. Student List (if Student travel form used)

Allow up to 15 days for a travel request to be processed and funds distributed.* All employee travel advances/ reimbursements processed through Accounts Payable will be deposited electronically to employee bank account.

A recap of travel expenses with receipts must be turned in within 5 days*Reimbursement of tolls is prohibited*


Contact Latressa Davis in Accounts Payable with any questions at ph#936-709-7712


Cooperatives provide CISD with additional vendor resources. By being a member of these cooperatives, CISD can use the vendors awarded on the cooperatives’ bids.

Click open to see links to cooperatives that CISD can use. Search the cooperative website for vendors awarded on contracts for the category of items you wish to purchase.


Vendor Evaluation Form

Please provide detailed feedback on your experience with the vendor. The Purchasing Department will document this information in the vendor file and follow up with the vendor and employee on the incident. Please provide positive feedback as well in order to recognize vendors for going above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.

Vendor Evaluation Form

Purchasing Staff

We are happy to assist you. Please contact us.