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Professional Learning Framework-Health Services

Conroe ISD

The Health Services Department of Conroe ISD is committed to the health and wellbeing of all students.  Professional school nurses provide skilled compassionate care to students to allow each student to achieve their highest potential.  The Health Services Department for Conroe ISD has created a professional development plan to address the continuing professional education needs of the novice school nurse as well as the expert to equip them to provide quality health care to all students.  Collaborating with local healthcare entities, Health Services will provide nurses with information regarding current programs and services that may be beneficial to our students.  Continuing education opportunities will be provided on pertinent school nursing issues to foster understanding of the role of the professional school nurse in the educational setting.  Training opportunities will be provided on nursing skills including gastrostomy tube feeding and urinary catheterization to ensure best practices are utilized when caring for students who require these procedures.  All new school nurses will receive orientation on Health Services policies and procedures and school nursing best practices to facilitate a smooth transition into school nursing in Conroe ISD.  Health Services promotes nursing leadership qualities by providing nurses the opportunity to instruct District nursing staff on relevant evidence based practices. Providing training on standard care practices for clinic assistants and unlicensed diabetes care assistants (UDCA) works to ensure students are safe throughout the school day.