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College and Career Information

Your high school College and Career Center has an abundance of information to help you with life after high school. Get to know your college and career counselor — they are your best advocate as you look for college or career paths that are the best for you.


What are your plans after high school?

Will you be able to afford the lifestyle you want? It’s difficult to predict the future, but it’s never too early to start planning for it. What job do you want, and how much education do you need to reach your career goal? How much money do you really need to live where and HOW you want? 

Texas Reality Check will help you determine what resources, education and finances you need to live the life you want after high school.

College Readiness Information

  • Naviance Student is available to all high school and junior high school students.
    • Information will be given to students about accessing their own personal account and portfolio; parents can request access to view their student’s account through their counselor.
    • High school students can sign up for college visits, record their scholarship earnings and college acceptances, request transcripts, and access other opportunities through this program. Students can also explore career paths and interest areas.
    • Parents can keep up with activities and opportunities for their students as well.
    • Naviance Student can be accessed through the College and Career Center on your student’s home campus.

Career Information

If you are not planning to attend college after high school, there are other options available.