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Research Review Process

Doctoral, Masters, or Undergraduate Studies

The request to conduct a research study in Conroe ISD (CISD) must be submitted to the office of the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning prior to the researcher finalizing his/her research proposal.

CISD requires the following information be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning for consideration by the Research Review Committee:

Research Review Committee Required Proposal Elements

  1. Name of researcher, position, years’ experience in education
  2. University affiliation
  3. Abstract
  4. Methodology:
    • Instrument(s) to be used
      • if applicable, provide survey questions
    • Research design
    • Data analysis
  5. When/where research to be conducted

The Research Review Committee will examine the study proposal and notify the researcher of status within 10 working days of review date. CISD does not approve studies that include surveys of students or parents; assessment of students or teachers during the school day; or interviews of students or teachers during the school day unless the topic is of specific interest and benefit to the District.

If approved, CISD requests a copy of the research findings.

Requesting Individual Student Information

CISD Board Policy FL makes all student educational records confidential except in very limited circumstances.  As a result, and in accordance with District policy, if a researcher needs student data from CISD, he/she must have a representative of the college/university with which he/she is affiliated attest to the need for the information to conduct research that has been approved by the university.  This request must be on the college/university letterhead.

The researcher may then request CISD student directory information (student names, address, phone number, school, and current grade) through the district’s legal office, 936-709-7785.  The attestation must accompany the researcher’s request for information.  If the researcher requires more information than what the District can provide through directory information, the researcher must obtain written permission from the parent or guardian of each student whose access to their educational records is required.

Public information includes any data released to the public, such as STAAR scores by grade, campus, district, or state; dropout or completion rates; TAPR reports; etc. This information is available through the Texas Education Agency website and through the district’s website.