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Conroe ISD Receives Rebate on Energy Savings

Pictured left to right: Dr. Don Stockton, CISD Superintendent; Roger Garvey, CISD Energy Manager; Phillip Lanier, Administrator of Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs; Marshall Schroeder, CISD Director of Custodial and Maintenance; Dwight Martin, Assistant Director of Custodial and Maintenance; and John Husbands, Conroe ISD Board of Trustees President

As a result of increasing energy efficiency, Conroe ISD was awarded a $57,000 incentive check from Entergy Texas at the February Board of Trustees Meeting. Phillip Lanier, Administrator of Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs, presented the check to the District and elaborated on several of the energy savings practices implemented by CISD such as adjusting the cooling temperature in server rooms and making changes that resulted in more unoccupied buildings in the summer requiring less energy usage.

The SCORE Program helps organizations save energy and money by providing no-cost facility improvement recommendations and financial incentives based on energy savings. As a part of a new SCORE Program offering, the program is educating participants on simple, behavioral changes they can make to achieve energy savings.

The behavioral changes implemented by CISD will save 5,444,766 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, equal to eliminating the carbon dioxide emissions from 422,464 gallons of gasoline, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations. “We’re proud to serve as an energy-efficient role model in the community,” said Roger Garvey, Energy Manager for CISD.

“The school district has made deep commitments to energy efficiency at the highest level of management, and the behavioral changes were embraced by teachers and students who helped make this effort a success,” said Phillip Lanier, Entergy Texas energy efficiency program administrator.

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