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Campus Updates

Students at Ride were treated to a special Read for a Better Life Day with a visit from College Park…

Our @ridecisd Challengers celebrated TW College Park Homecoming by dressing up for their Paris theme at school!

Students at Ride use a GIANT map to learn about Texas!

Students at Ride traveled to College Park HS for the N.E.A.T (never ever absent or tardy) Pep Rally. Congratulations!

A student at Ride is excited to celebrate the New Year with his principal!

A student at Ride reads a book during the Flashlight Reading activity in class!

A student at Ride presented their project at the Texas Performance Standards Project Expo!

Students at Ride participate in Field Day activities!

Students from Conroe ISD and neighboring districts participate in a ballroom dancing competition.

A student at Ride celebrates the 100th day of school.