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Campus Updates

Students at Hailey are busy creating Fractions Kits in class!

Students at Hailey Elementary are celebrating ‘Hats off to a Great Future’ for Generation Texas Week! 🧢

Students at Hailey Elementary worked on their How-To writing skills by acting out the steps of “How-To Carve a Pumpkin”!…

Pre-K students at Hailey use Froot Loops to make rainbow art!

A student at Hailey had the opportunity to be Principal for the Day!

A student at Hailey shows off her Western pride by dressing up for Go Texan Day!

Students at Hailey pose for a photo in their matching outfits!

Pre-K students at Hailey are working hard in the school pumpkin patch!

Students at Hailey play Go!Board, a movement-based board game created by students from College Park HS.