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Campus Updates: December 18 – January 14

Broadway Elementary
The following students received a Principal High Five award: Alexia Taylor, Calleigh Krause, Jessy Jordy, Duncan Wright, Ellanor Head, Ava Laywell, Lou Vollaro, LandonWilson, Noah Wallace, Lucas Mathew, Zach Sweeney, Westley Deville, Zavion Rideaux, Jacob Smith, Hayden Samford, Braylen Mullins, Bella Quintero, Mackenzie Currie, Jack Thompson, Amos Perez, Jayden Berns, Ignacio Sauceda, Nick Suire, Elijah Terrell, Carly Cox, Brock Edwards, Jessie Penner, Noah Garza and Emily Sanders.
Buckalew Elementary
The winners of the Keys For Success for the week of December 5 are David Kozak, who demonstrated the key “sharpen the saw” by having a great attitude about learning, Alice Meyer who is proactive by looking for ways to be a good citizen by helping her friends, Alex Rangel, being proactive by doing what is expected even when no one is looking, Andrew Stroud, by putting first things first and Elizabeth Bachrach who begins with the end in mind. Congratulations all for receiving the principal’s gold medal.
Bush Elementary
Report cards will go home on January 6. Also on that date the students who are Never Ever Absent or Tardy (NEAT) will be rewarded with Kona Ice.


On January 9, fourth grade will begin an inline skating unit in P.E.


On January 13, our Parent Teacher Organization will have a general meeting, host a movie night and participate in Chick-Fil-A Share Night.
Collins Intermediate
Congratulations to our December Colossal Cobra Award winners: Aiana Bualat, Ahtziri Rodriguez, Jessie Cochran, Hannah Mulhern, Frederic Belcher, Miles Fort, Dylan Morgan, Nicole Werschitz, Micah Giovannelli, Madeline Smart, Roland Stith, Jonathan Watson, Samuel Becker, Komalikshitha Peruboyina, Brooke Anderson, Hannah Anderson, Mia Falcone, Caitlyn Henasey, Ty Smith, I’Yanna Gatheright, Carter Noyes, Ashten Parra, Quinn Schmidt, Charlotte Martin, Finley Sheih, Jaden Cameline, Sarah Cortes, James Gaizautis, Charlotte Wylde, Benjamin Jackson, Makenna Welch, Bree Pruitt, Hope Rodgers, Julian Garcia, Erin Slaven, Dylan Brunner, Alyssa Harwood, Chaselyn Johnson, Caleb Medina, Javier Narvaez, Grant Colson, Makenna Fredrickson, Bryce McKinney, Maya Shahmansoorian, Caitlin Masterson, James Walker, Tyler Wisner, Bailey Gross, Braeden Richards, Jana Kassem, Jacob Snider, Grace Courtney, Jason Hill, Ahmad Abbas, Benning Bass, Anthony Gillett, Aaron Ramos, Eliana Fulton, Bronson Impey, Sanuja Manage, Samuel Carrier, Eleanor Rouswell, Hillary Samford, Skyler Schenck, Jeronimo Hoffmann, Alyssa Hagemeyer, Owen Haymond, Kase Melodick, Riley Swinford, Brooke Ibarra, and Parsa Tchamanzar.


Cox Intermediate
Ms. Engle and Mr. Hunt would like to congratulate the following students for receiving a 1 at UIL. Jayden Armstrong, Maggie Barnes, Marion Beerman, Hannah Bennett, Morgan Bingham, Henna Bocanegra, Madison Bristow, Hannah Brooks, Ryan Castillo, Nevaeh Chevis, Ryelle Corpus, Ashley Dalessandro, Madisyn DeBord, Samantha Earley, Marlon Escamilla, Anna Forrest, Savanna Galindo, Heather Groth, Carisma Guajardo, Allison Hagebusch, Zoe Hamlin, Chassidy Hearn, Aaron Hernandez, Megann Hernandez, Emma Higgins, Brianna Lenard, Mikalah McWhirter, Aditya Mulunjkar, Lindsey Neff, Amethyst O’Brien, Chelsea Olatoye, Cheyenne Rhoades, Paris Rios, Christina Rowand, Shay Sager, Jocelyn Salinas, Catherine Turbeville, Theresa Vega and William Yeager.


Timberwolf teachers are Recognizing Our Committed Kids. Teachers are keeping their eyes out for students who are making great choices in behavior. Congratulations to the following students, you rock. Jacob Schultz, Magnus Garrett, Trenton Warzon, Josh Stapleton, Jaelen Jewell, Ian Bayombo, Kaleb Hudson, Salette Carballo, Sarah Preston, Ashtin Carlock, Tyler Ezell, Lucas Gomez, Lauren Moylan, Noah Suarez, Angel Sepulveda, Ralph Tallent, Cade Kearley, Hayden Greenwalt, Ana Contrucci, Allison Galbraith, Silvana Garcia, Carmen Rathburn, Mira Crawshay, Anthony Caraballo, Alyssa Sager, Chassidy Hearn, Kaitlyn Corder, Zoe Winn, Izzy Lewis, Arianna Chari, Callie Keigley, Natania Cooray, Lea Barcak, Davis Buchanan, Andres Barrera, Bennett Hale, Brooke Deebs, Ella McDonald, Larry Drake, Hannah Richards, ~Jonathen Perez, Alexis Edwards, Marisol Padilla, Sara McCarthy, Avery Pemberton, Kayla Rodriguez, Helen Duong, Jarrett Humphries and Staucie Lees.


Creighton Elementary
We had a very successful first semester thanks to our wonderful staff and supportive parents. Students are learning by and growing by leaps and bounds. This semester we will continue our success story. Please read with your child thirty minutes every day to help continue their growth. We also need for our students to practice their math facts on a daily basis. Your support will help ensure the educational success that we are striving for. Thank you!


The Conroe Independent School District Western Art Show is Saturday, January 7. Art work from all grade levels from every school will be displayed showing off their western flare. Best of luck to our Cubs.


Report cards will be sent home on Friday, January 6.


David Elementary
Our Dynamite Dolphins were chosen for showing self-control, our character trait for the month of November. The following students were chosen: In Kindergarten- Gia Bharadwaj, Kourtney Molina, Mei Ning Chen, Alyson Spilker, Brianna Molina, Charlotte Hidajat, Daniel Boudiab, Archer Hasty, Olivia Foley, Isaac Farias, Ella Sumrall and Jayce Torres. In first grade- Lucy Mann, Casper Nilsen, Temperance Leach, Kush Shah, Alexandra Rodriguez, Nathan Horn, Lindy Gan, Edward Dieu, J.T. Simmons, Sammy Dornier, Layla Gardner, and Charlie Wherry. In second grade- Ally Foster, Braden Loza, Trace Fetter, Brianna Bobbio, Sophia Richard, Logan Foederer, Ryne Bolinder, Talmage Workman, Sophie Brueckner, Charlie Thomson, Addison Herrick, Bryce Selby, Jack D’Andrea, and James Taylor. In third grade- Audrey Sain, Anderson Donaldson, Emily Clements, Reagan Davenport, Annemarie Haley, Yannick Broos, Kelsey Anderson, Alma Van Dusen, Kiersten Benton, Charlotte Meachum, Kaydence Walker, and Addison Withrow. In fourth grade – Foebe Hu, Seb Woodhead, Rebecca Garza, Aidan Barnes, Sri Kumbham, Carmen Van Dusen, Caroline Dana, Simone Dupuis, Neal Spurr, Evie Viator, Hemaile Bolinder, Issam Brahmi, Jia Esparza, and Matthew Sala. We are very proud of these students!


Giesinger Elementary
The character trait “Gratitude” was the focus for November. Students who received the award for demonstrating gratitude throughout the month were: Jyh Cardenas, Kennedy Matthews, Brody Carlisle, Anna Pollock, Bennett Emmons, Aiden Carter, Jacob Robbins, Jasmine Muigo, Paolo Soriano, Noah Scott, Abby Maronge, Riley Villafranca, Brody Neal, Luke Gillenwater, Laney MeckFessel, Zayden Hale, Sam Fickey, Dustin Beggs, Ileen Rico, Riley Gross, Addyson Miller, Samantha Soriano, Grace Williams, Angelina Cardenas-Ware, Olivia Slater, Denise Pineda, Xandra Holmes, Valerie Ellison. We are very proud of our students who have shown gratiutude.
Hailey Elementary
Attendance counts for every child every day. Congratulations to Mrs. Nordenstam’s, Ms. Clary’s, Mrs. Hayes’, Mrs. Speight’s, and Mrs. Capan’s classes for achieving 10 Attendance Rockets for the whole class being on time and staying at school all day!


We wish our entire community a safe, happy holiday season and prosperous 2017. Students return to school Tuesday, January 3.


The school spelling bee will be Wednesday, January 11, in the school library. Winners of the classroom spelling bees are excited to advance to the school spelling bee level.


The Inaugural Hailey Fun Run Kick Off starts on January 4. The Boosterthon Fun Run is a nine-day character, fitness and leadership program that combines world-class and engaging character content with a fundraising event for our school. This year, we are raising funds to update our playground! Community partners, we need your help! Each student will be provided with a free custom Hailey Comet t-shirt to wear the day of the Fun Run event. This is at no cost to the student. We are hoping to partner with community businesses to offset the cost of the shirts and we need your help in getting the word out. If you choose to be a sponsor, your business logo will be displayed on the back of approximately 750 t-shirts. Hailey families are always welcome to donate and this is very much appreciated. Please contact the school office for details. The Boosterton Run will be Friday, January 13 during specials classes.


Please write your child’s name in their jackets, sweaters, and lunch boxes so that lost items can be returned to their owners.


Students can bring aluminum cans, foil, pans, and aluminum computer parts for recycling every Friday morning for our Cash for Cans program, which also helps support our school. Please deliver recyclables to the front porch when arriving at school.


Irons Junior High
Irons Junior High is proud to recognize the following “Students of The Week” for their academic or social achievements.


Ms. Fisk would like to recognize Darline Torres and Melissa Tran for their hard work and attention to detail.


I would like to nominate Jeremiah Bandy on behalf of his science, math, history, and language arts teachers. He has a positive attitude and works hard every day.


I would like to nominate Jeremiah Bandy on behalf of his science, math, history, and language arts teachers. He has a positive attitude and works hard every day.


Mrs. Fiedler would like to nominate Jonathan Flores for working so hard and showing so much improvement this last nine weeks. Mrs. Fiedler is very proud of him and his hard work in class.


Ms Boyd recognizes the following students for growing one or more grade levels on their mid-year diagnostic exam: Abdiel Astacio, Chelsea Lopez, Bryshannon Adams, Elaina Daniels, Mary Harris, David Shepherd, Lane Heath, Sebastian Nieto, Mya Grubbs, Jagvir Hoonjan, JaNa Jefferson, Arlene Maravillo, Kyle Turner, D Andre Hardy, Camden Staples, Ayden Scheck, Ben Ochoa, Gilberto Alcala, Brianna Reyna, Leo Gonzales, and Gianfranco Dalbo. Congratulations!


Outstanding Artists of the week from Mrs. Willeford’s Art classes are:
Evan Throneberry from Art I for great citizenship.
Andrea Pinto from Art II for patience with her watercolor.
Devin Yglacias from Ceramics for not giving up and great job persevering.
Keep up the great work students!


Choir singers of the week are Emma Shepherd and Chris Cruz.


Cheerleader/s of the week are Krislyn Moss and Audrey Lockridge.


The eighth grade Athlete of the week is Griffin Datcher because he scored 36 points against Bailey MS on December 1.


Kaufman Elementary
We hope all our Kaufman families have a wonderful winter break. School will resume, Tuesday, January 3.


Monday, January 9 will be our second Accelerated Reader store. Students have been reading and earning points to spend at the store. Volunteers are always needed. If you would like to help out, please contact the librarian, Mrs. Wright at 832-592-5600.


Tuesday, January 10 will be Kindergarten‘s Literacy Night from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m.


Thursday, January 12 will be SK8 Town Night at 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. We hope to see you there.


Friday, January 13 will be grade level awards. Third grade will also have a holiday float parade at 9 a.m.


Rice Elementary
Holiday desserts will be enjoyed by each class on Friday, December 16.


Wednesday, January 4 is Kona Ice Day at Rice!


Rice will kick-off our Pennies for Patients campaign on Friday, January 6.


Tough Elementary
Saturday, November 14, several members of the Coulson Tough Titan Band auditioned for the CISD Sixth Grade Honor Band. The competition was fierce this year! They are excited to announce that 10 of their students earned positions in this group, including Brooke McMullan who earned 1st chair trombone!!


Congratulations to the following students who have earned membership in the CISD 6th Grade Honor Band: Kaitlyn Maresca, flute; Colleen Brown and Avery Joseph, clarinet; Derek Zarur, trumpet; Brooke McMullan and Caitlyn Carrie, trombone; Andrew Rogers, tuba; Hana Posuk, Emily Valerio, and Jacob Kozlowsky, percussion. Band teachers Mr. Norris and Mrs. Flake are so proud!!


Eight students in the Coulson Tough orchestra auditioned for the Conroe ISD Intermediate Honor Orchestra. They had a long night but six of them made it into the orchestra with one of the cellos receiving first chair out of the 46 cellos that tried out! They will get to perform with an amazing conductor in January along with other students from Conroe ISD. Ms. Borg is very proud of all who auditioned. Congratulations to these students: Deborah Chu– 1st chair cello; Mia Bangerter- viola; Niranjana Ramesh Babu- violin; Alisia McMahon- violin; Connor Deng- violin and Juliette Maynard-violin.