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Board of Trustees Recognize School Ambassadors

CONROE, TEXAS (April 26, 2017) The Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees honored several individuals with an Ambassador Award when Board Member Skeeter Hubert and Dr. Don Stockton, Superintendent, visited Ford Elementary, Broadway Elementary, Cox Intermediate, York Junior High, Snyder Elementary, Birnham Woods Elementary, and Kaufman Elementary.

The Board of Trustees began the Ambassador Awards to recognize individuals for their positive contributions to campus life and campus climate. Throughout the year, each campus is visited by a member from the Board who surprises the award recipients while they are performing their duties as either a student or an employee.

Students honored Cooper Hoelscher, Ford Elementary; Vivian Ruiz, Broadway Elementary; Reese Rupe, Cox Intermediate; Esperanza DeSpain, York Junior High; Sydney Smith, Snyder Elementary; Sirri Suh, Birnham Woods Elementary; and Caitlyn Carruth, Kaufman Elementary.

Paraprofessionals honored Samantha Davis, Ford Elementary; Shannon Vollaro, Broadway Elementary; Denise Lovshe, Cox Intermediate; Teresa Blackwell, York Junior High; Tiffany Thompson, Snyder Elementary; Melissa Hill, Birnham Woods Elementary; and Angela Jenkins, Kaufman Elementary.

Educators honored Virginia Pellegrini, Ford Elementary; Sonja Esman, Broadway Elementary; Keely Houck, Cox Intermediate; Kathryn Wells, York Junior High; Robert Perry, Snyder Elementary; Connie Dunn, Birnham Woods Elementary; and Jill Martin, Kaufman Elementary.