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Board of Trustees Recognize School Ambassadors

The Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees honored several individuals with an Ambassador Award when Board Member Melanie Bush and Dr. Don Stockton, Superintendent, visited Caney Creek High School, Creighton Elementary, Milam Elementary, Grangerland Intermediate, Moorhead Junior High, and San Jacinto Elementary on Friday, September 23, 2016.

The Board of Trustees began the Ambassador Awards to recognize individuals for their positive contributions to campus life and campus climate. Throughout the year, each campus is visited by a member from the Board who surprises the award recipients while they are performing their duties as either a student or an employee.

Students honored Caylee Lynn Page, Caney Creek High School; Ella Mitchell, Creighton Elementary; Sophie Taylor, Milam Elementary; Ashlynn Dunn, Grangerland Intermediate; Lacey Boles, Moorhead Junior High; and Logan Flory, San Jacinto Elementary.

Paraprofessionals honored Clara Overton, Caney Creek High School; Jessica Vaughn, Creighton Elementary; Josie Burrell, Milam Elementary; Melanie Gilford, Grangerland Intermediate; Kaitlyn Courtney, Moorhead Junior High; and Erica Ross, San Jacinto Elementary.

Educators honored Donna Hounihan, Caney Creek High School; Julie Robison, Creighton Elementary; Elizabeth Hersey, Milam Elementary; Staci Frye, Granderland Intermediate; Lauren Robertson, Moorhead Junior High; and Nashid Kamal, San Jacinto Elementary.