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Board of Trustees Recognize Conroe Feeder Ambassadors

The Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees and Dr. Curtis Null, Superintendent, honored individuals across the Conroe Feeder Zone with an Ambassador Award in recent weeks.

The Board of Trustees began the Ambassador Awards to recognize individuals for their positive contributions to campus life and campus climate. Each campus is visited by members of the Board while they are performing their duties as either a student, paraprofessional, or employee.

Students honored are Cynthia Cruz, Anderson Elementary; Aimee Visoso, Armstrong Elementary; Shelby Barton, Giesinger Elementary; Santi Lopez, Houston Elementary; Jezebel Corona, Patterson Elementary; Evelyn Jimenez, Reaves Elementary; Jamari Carter, Rice Elementary; Angel Pena, Runyan Elementary; Lillian Giutta, Stewart Elementary; James Wheeler, Wilkinson Elementary; Heath Lowery, Bozman Intermediate; Sadie Coppin, Cryar Intermediate; Nevaeh Hatchett, Travis Intermediate; Duntavian Duckett, Peet Junior High; Darron Davis, Stockton Junior High; Nicol Middleton, Conroe High School Ninth Grade; Caitlyn Galetka, Conroe High School; and Kalli Gullett, Washington High School.

Paraprofessionals honored are Courtney Johnson, Anderson Elementary; Delores Washington, Armstrong Elementary; Ireyda Gutierrez, Giesinger Elementary; Maria Vela, Houston Elementary; Pasha Starcener, Patterson Elementary; Maria Stewart, Reaves Elementary; Sandra Hernandez, Rice Elementary; Yiselis Noriega-Valdeolla, Runyan Elementary; Angie Creech, Stewart Elementary; Robin Turnbull, Wilkinson Elementary; Lee Ann Munoz, Bozman Intermediate; Noemi Gomez, Cryar Intermediate; Valerie Blanco, Travis Intermediate; Mary Walker, Peet Junior High; Jessica Vaughn, Stockton Junior High; Veronica Becerra, Conroe High School Night Grade; Liz Day, Conroe High School; Rocio Schneider, Washington High School; and Ana Reyna, DAEP.

Educators honored are Liliana Vazquez, Anderson Elementary; Glorian Vizcarrondo, Armstrong Elementary; Tricia Matthews, Giesinger Elementary; Ashley Jones, Houston Elementary; Hannah Wooten, Patterson Elementary; Barbi Stimac, Reaves Elementary; Susan Johnson, Rice Elementary;  Perla SotoPuente, Runyan Elementary; Tracy Viser, Stewart Elementary; Crystal Grams, Wilkinson Elementary; Lisbeth Montalvo, Bozman Intermediate; Katie Orr, Cryar Intermediate; Toni Sommers, Travis Intermediate; Amanda Turco, Peet Junior High; Joslyn Pierce, Stockton Junior High; Lauren Hartman-St. Lawrence, Conroe High School Ninth Grade; Flo Lisembee, Conroe High school; Brian Anderson, Washington High School; Brian Burk, JJAEP; and Susie Wallace, TRAILS.

Click here to view photos of the Conroe Feeder Ambassador Award recipients!