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Attendance Boundary Process – Stockton Junior High

Stockton Stallions logoDuring the fall semester, CISD will begin the process of reviewing attendance boundaries in preparation for a campus that will open in 2020. Stockton Jr. High School will serve students in grades 7 and 8 and open in the fall of the 2020-21 school year. The campus is located at 2750 Excellence Avenue next to Bozman Intermediate School and will have a capacity of 1450 students. In addition to the overall goals of our planning committee outlined below, the 2019-20 Stockton JH ABC Committee’spdf objectives include:

  • To develop an attendance boundary to populate the new campus (Stockton) while still preserving some campus capacity for future growth at both Stockton and Peet Jr. High Schools.
  • To provide crowding relief to Peet Jr. High School.
  • To explore possible solutions to crowding at some Conroe area elementary campuses.

Stockton Junior High Website


Stockton JH Zoning

Community Presentations

Zoning Process Information

ABC presents rezoning process to create new attendance boundaries and solicits input from community via the web. The same presentation is available at three different times.

  • October 16 at Peet JH at 7 PM
  • October 17 at Bozman at 7 PM
  • October 18 at CHS-9th at 12 PM

Zoning Process Presentationpdf

Community Feedback Come-and-Go Event

The ABC presents various zoning scenarios and solicits feedback. The same presentation is available at three different times. This is a come-and-go event where attendees can give feedback on proposed scenarios.

  • November 12 at Peet JH from 6-8 PM
  • November 13 at CHS-9th from 12-1:30 PM
  • November 14 at Bozman from 6-8 PM

Zoning Scenarios Presentationpdf

Community Presentation

The ABC presents proposed zoning recommendations. The same presentation is available at three different times.

  • January 9 at Bozman at 7 PM
  • January 14 at CHS-9th at 12 PM
  • January 14 at Peet JH at 7 PM

Zoning Recommendation Presentationpdf

Rezoning Q&A