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Alert Conroe ISD Closed

Conroe ISD will be closed until May 4, 2020. Updates will continue to be shared via the District's mass communication system, social media sites, and website.


Conroe ISD

Conroe ISD is a geographically diverse, 348 square mile school district located in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area that includes The Woodlands, Shenandoah, Oak Ridge North, Conroe, and Caney Creek, as well as several other smaller towns, communities, and unincorporated areas. Conroe ISD continues to be one of the fastest growing districts gaining approximately 1,500 students per year.

64,000+ Students

student raising handAnticipated increase of approximately 1,500 students per year


64 Campuses

  • 30 Elementary Schoolsschool house
  • 4 K-6 Schools
  • 10 Intermediate Schools
  • 7 Junior High Schools
  • 3 Ninth Grade Schools
  • 7 High Schools
  • 3 Alternative Education Placement Centers


2019-20 Budget  $549,580,294money
Tax Rate   $1.23


school bus

  • 581 buses
  • 398 routes
  • 2,363 runs