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Find Your Bus Route

The Conroe ISD Transportation Portal can help you determine what bus your child rides and the school to which your child is zoned. The instructions below will help you acquire the information you need from the Portal.

What Bus Do I Ride?

To determine your child’s bus route:

  1. Click the Find Bus Route button at the bottom of this column to go to the Transportation Portal.
  2. Click the Student Eligibility button and enter your child’s Student ID number and date of birth.

Student Eligibility

Find Bus Route

Where Do I Go to School?

Zoning Information

Students attend the school to which they are zoned. To find your neighborhood school:

  1. Click the Find School Zone button at the bottom of this column to go to the Transportation Portal.
  2. Enter your address and the schools to which that address is zoned will appear in a list. You must register for bus service separately from school registration.


Find School Zone

Register for Transportation Online

If you did not register for transportation during your child’s initial school registration, you can register for transportation online.  You will need your student’s ID number to complete the process. If your child lives within the zone of an existing stop on an existing route, the assignment to a stop and route will be automatically processed.  This may take 2-3 business days to process. 

If your address does not fall within the zone of an existing stop or you have requested an alternate stop location, the routing department will process your request as they are transmitted and will create services as quickly as possible.  This may take 3-5 business days depending on the volume of requests.

For more information about walk to stop distances, see the FAQ section regarding “Walk to Stop Distance?

Register for Transportation

Safety Information

The Transportation Department is an important member of the educational team, which includes the school district and community. We will strive for excellence and look for more efficient ways to improve our operation, while at the same time, always placing the safety of our students and employees first. We take seriously the trust and confidence that the parents and community have placed in us to transport what is most precious, our children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the Facts. Play it Safe.

Facts and resources about the safety of the school bus and ways to support ridership.