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Instructional Technology

Instructional technology is about engagement and developing skills that can grow with students. By emphasizing the Technology Applications TEKS, members of the Instructional Technology Team work with teachers to encourage creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and other valuable skills developed within the context of content area instruction. The Instructional Technology Team offers workshops and other trainings, but we are most keenly aware of the impact created by working with teachers and students in classrooms. The Instructional Technology Team remains committed to supporting teachers in the implementation of the Technology Applications TEKS and CISD best practices through just-in-time staff development.

Instructional Technology Contacts

To facilitate communication, initial contact people have been identified within the
Instructional Technology Team. Contacts are identified by high school
feeder pattern and administrative department.

CISD Subscriptions

CISD subscriptions are paid resources available to all campuses. All other subscriptions are purchased on individual campuses.