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Graduate Spotlight: Caney Creek High School


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Monday, May 13, 2013



“She is one of those rare students who consistently makes the connection between attaining her short-term goals and achieving her lifelong dream of being first in her family to acquire a college education,” commented Diane Hernandez, Caney Creek High School (CCHS) College and Career counselor.


Hernandez is referring to CCHS Senior, Georgi McNease. This is a student whose schedule is filled with college prep classes- Advanced Placement, dual-credit, and honors courses.  She is ranked number 8 out of over 300 students and is the recipient of a full-ride scholarship, proving she excels academically.  However, her perseverance and commitment do not stop in the classroom. 


Georgi begins her school day at 7 a.m., and ends it with a grueling, swim workout at 7 p.m.  Her dedication helped her advance to regional finals.  In addition, she still manages to play the cello for the orchestra, work a part-time job as a swimming instructor, and complete multiple college and scholarship applications.


“While tenacious and focused in achieving her goals as a student and an athlete, Georgi stands out especially for her compassionate, generous nature,” said Hernandez. From always being conscientious and helpful in class to actively and insightfully participating in class discussions, her teachers comment on what a joy she is to have in class. “She is definitely a role model, both in her school and community,” stated Hernandez.


Though her high school days are coming to an end, and she is “going to miss the friends I’ve made,” Georgi is “excited about college.”  She plans on attending the University of Houston to major in biology.  When asked what she wants to do for a career, she replied, “I want to become a doctor and work for UNICEF.”  Georgi is choosing a career that consists of helping others, which is no surprise to those that know her.