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Safety Information

Conroe ISD

Events such as the recent tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida cause us to reflect on our own schools and communities as well as review our plans and procedures in place to prevent or respond to such an event and to keep our students and staff as safe as possible. Conroe ISD is diligent in providing a safe learning environment every day. Over the past decade, the District has spent millions of dollars on a layered approach to campus safety including the installation of secure entrances and vestibules along with adding security cameras throughout our schools. Our campuses regularly review safety procedures, and periodically conduct safety drills which include lockdown drills. Conroe ISD is proud to have the third largest police department in Montgomery County whose mission is to protect the District’s students, employees, and properties. The Conroe ISD Police Department also regularly provides active shooter training to our officers as well as other local law enforcement agencies to better prepare our law enforcement community for an integrated response.

One of the most important safety measures we as a District and community can take is being vigilant and reporting any suspicious behaviors or issues of potential concern. We encourage the reporting of suspected dangers to the appropriate authorities. Individuals may make anonymous reports to Conroe ISD’s KidChat hotline at 1-888-KidChat (543-2428). The safety of students and staff is our highest priority.


The safety of students and staff is our top priority. Conroe ISD Police Department’s 24-hour KidChat phone line provides students, parents and personnel an avenue for reporting any information about unsafe situations.

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Safety Terms


lockdownThis is used when a violent person or threat is in or on the grounds of the campus. There are no class changes and everyone is to remain in their room. All doors, windows, and classrooms are locked until the “All Clear” signal is given.


lockoutThis is used when a violent threat is off campus, such as someone fleeing from the police, gunfire, or explosion. People are allowed to move within the building and the exterior of the campus is secured and doors are monitored.


EvacuateThis procedure is used when students and staff need to leave a campus or facility for a variety of hazards.


Shelter icon.This is the presence of a hazard to health and safety of people inside and outside the building. All windows and doors are locked and the HVAC system is shut down. This procedure is also used when the school is being threatened by weather. All persons in the building are sheltered away from glass and high ceilings.